If you look at the ingredients of any butterscotch dessert, you will see about twenty different things listed. That’s not right! Look, butterscotch flavor is best when uncomplicated. You blend butter and brown sugar at the right temperature and you have the ultimate butterscotch flavor. Let’s not complicate this! Mig Vapor Butterscotch E-Juice goes back to basics to bring you the best butterscotch e-liquid you can get.


Timing is also crucial to making the best butterscotch. If you cook it too long, you have toffee but if you do it just right you will get a genuine butterscotch flavor. The trick is to know what you are doing and to always keep an eye on the progress. You can’t miss any details otherwise you will not get the best result. This is the same philosophy that we have when creating our award winning e-liquid. We were named the Best E-Liquid of 2016 and we are very proud of that.


Our butterscotch flavor is inspired by simplicity and the result is an original butterscotch flavor that tastes just like it should. The next step was to blend that perfect butterscotch flavor into our award winning e-liquid. After all, it is all about the vapor! Our cutting edge e-juice lab utilizes the best VG and PG blended by top notch professionals. We are famous for unparalleled vapor production and satisfaction. With Mig Vapor, you get the best of both worlds, flavor and vapor.



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