This was a flavor inspired by our founder. He worked with this mix for months. We all awaited his newest rendition every week as he continuously tried to make a perfect juice for himself. Vimanna was a juice had mixed back in 2014 and it was the same then. Over and over mixing our blends until he came up with one for himself.


We all wanted to taste this juice he continuously mixed, because he said he hit perfection for himself. After making it and testing with many people we asked him to make it a flavor. So now you know where Vimanna came from.

After vaping it for a few years he began mixing in the vape juice bar again back in June of this year. So, we have been selling the Vimanna Cream Tobacco in stores but not here.


So without further adieu, here is a private blend only offered to a few outside the internet store.


Mixed and mastered by the big guy, a tobacco blend balanced to absolute perfection.


Cream, dragons Blood, Strawberries and Cream, Berry Beach, Dragons Milk, Dry Blend Tobacco, Rolling Stoned.


Vimanna Cream Tobacco


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