10 new e-juices chockablock with intense lush flavours that explode in your mouth. XEO e liquid is 100% produced in Germany.


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V2 Cigs UK have added XEO eliquids to our range to offer customers a wider ranger of e liquid flavours to use with V2 PRO Series Vaporizers, EX Blanks or the XEO VOID Vaporizer.

We hope you enjoy these great new flavours.


American Blend Red: Typical and distinctive American Blend flavour. Consisting of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos, combined with a subtle note of dark chocolate. VG:PG Ratio = 60/30


American Blend Gold: Lighter than the Red. Full-bodied tobacco experience in a pleasant strength. This liquid is good for all day use. VG:PG Ratio = 60/30


Cherry Banana: Cherry and Banana combination…a winning flavour! VG:PG Ratio = 60/30


Cherry Lime: The mixologist’s secret: The distinctive combination of the sweetest cherries with a sparkling citurs note. VG:PG Ratio = 15/85 


Coffee: This is the unique flavour of the West Indies Malabar Arabic coffee bean after exposure to the local monsoon. Coffee with a pronounced intense character. VG:PG Ratio = 35/55


Grape Mint: A bold mixture of the fruity taste of Grape and the freshness of mint Refreshing on the palate! VG:PG Ratio = 35/55


Grape Pear: Sweet grapes mixed with ripe pear gives this liquid a refreshing sweetness with unique highlights. VG:PG Ratio = 35/55


Mango Pear: Sweet and savoury mango with ripe pears. A creamy accented flavour. VG:PG Ratio = 35/55


Peach Brandy: Aged Brandy and sun ripened sweet peaches produces this unique flavour. VG:PG Ratio = 35/55


Virginia Honey: The subtle sweetness of honey enhances the flavour of finest top grade Virginia tobacco. A unique and sophisticated flavour mix. VG:PG Ratio = 35/55

XEO Aroma E-Liquid - 10ML


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